Our Campaigns

In order to give a bit of insight and clarity on our past and present campaigns.

Since the inception of our social media agency we have run a number of highly effective social media campaigns.

A number of years ago we began the Uniquewood campaign. The website can be seen here


This is an exclusive interior and design store in the lifestyle garden centre.

Using a very small budget we managed to gain a following of more than  50 000 followers in a few months. According to the owners of the store they could see a direct impact in terms of increased customers and sales. This project is ongoing with the owners eventually implementing a standard marketing strategy.

We were approached by a local service station that was struggling due to increased competition in the area ,and also poor visibility.

We launched The Faith-fuel campaign. We built a website http://faithfuel.co.za and ran a very effective social media campaign. This led the way for the owner to eventually expand and relocate his business.

We were approached by a  sports bar in the Natal region.

Project Hops Riverside was launched. We launched an intensive social media marketing campaign that lasted six months. The end result was ,and I quote the managing director “spectacular” We grew the following on all platforms to over 100 000.This is now a thriving business with a massive following, and obviously hugely increased turnover.

We were approached by a roof painting company  that seemed to operating at a minimum. A full website was built and social media campaign was launched more than a year ago. This project is ongoing and the business is still growing from strength to strength .

The website is http://elzor.co.za

During this time we were hired on a consultancy basis for a number of companies. Currently we still assist many of these companies on social media campaigns. A very interesting consultancy opportunity arose with a unique concept in retail. This lead to the Mr Online Furniture Campaign. This project is ongoing and they are growing at a spectacular rate in terms of online orders and social media following .



We were approached by a leading online learning school in the USA specializing in Graphology to partner with them in South Africa. We built the website http://handwritinguniversity.co.za .This project is also ongoing, and provides a valuable service in human resources not only in South Africa, but several European countries.

We were approached by a local wound care clinic.They are situated in the Western Cape town of George.They take care of  primary and secondary wounds.The website we built and maintain is here

http://woundclinicgeorge .co.za .

Our main website http://brianfaul.com is constantly being updates to reflect our current projects.

On this website there are detailed links and referral letters from clients. The site http://brianfaul.com is used as a portal to our subscriber database and email database currently standing in the region of 1,7 million.

We live eat and breathe social media and websites with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization,Social Media including Facebook Google+ Twitter YouTube


Some of the other campaigns ongoing and complete include http://woundclinicgeorge.co.za


We have supplied marketing tools and materials to numerous companies. These include  running smaller social media and marketing campaigns.

Our advise to clients old and new is to stick with who and what you know. Social media marketing is reaching mushroom status, with every second housewife and Facebook user claiming the status of internet marketing professional.

Some of the courses I have completed in order to provide my clients the best service possible include

A  Doctorate in Psychotherapy with subjects including human behavioral skills assessment, and patterning .Social  and environmental science.

Numerous Diploma courses in :

Internet Marketing

Social Media Studies

Design studies


Google Certification in Social Media

Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing

Kindly contact me on 0797605456 or info@brianfaul.com and let’s get the ball rolling

Your budget is our budget,simply meaning we never turn business away or overcharge clients.

We also have a very special deal for new clients.Working with our international partners we are able to get your

business seen  on most important reputable and reliable news platforms locally and internationally,including

CNN  TimesLive and many other worthwhile channels that guarantee exposure,and money in your till.