Importance Of Reputation On Social Media

Use a Reputable person or company for your internet SEO and social media campaigns

Lately we have noticed a tremendous increase in social media agencies, and social media managers

Allow yourself to ask the following questions before engaging in a troop of mushrooms.
First and foremost what qualifies them as a social media agency? Do they have a following of more than 100 000 for a start. These days a good following of 1 million plus on all platforms is an average suitable number . This would include an email subscriber database.
Have they completed any related courses from reputable schools specializing in the field.
Do they have written references.
Do they have creative writing skills, and or exceptional design skills .
Are they available at short notice. A good recommended time is no longer than thirty minutes. A good response time would be five minutes or less.
Do they have a huge amount of clients making you and your business only one of many?
What tools do they use for SEO and quality designs?
How often would you expect them to post? At least once a day ? Every few hours?
Are they able to work independently and carry your brand forward in the most favorable manner possible .
Do they send you weekly reports.
Our small dedicated team
Are highly qualified in all aspects of social media, not just copy edit paste on Facebook.
Hold qualifications from reputable schools of learning.
Have a fully qualified in-house design team.
Have an enormous social media and email subscriber list of over 1,5 million in South Africa,
We are available 24/7 with posts going through all time zones worldwide 24/7.
We are budget orientated no matter how small or big your budget may be.
Our teams use top of the range tools to manage SEO and design aspects.
We have written references available
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