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Our Story

Since 1997, the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI) has been a pioneer in teaching Remote Viewing techniques. We were the first Remote Viewing institute to introduce the term “Remote Influencing,” speak about it and explain it. Since then we have taught thousands of students how to shape their reality, eliminate harmful paradigms from their lives and achieve their heart’s truest desires.

With over 100,000 satisfied trainees throughout the world have, ARVARI has ignited a transformation in global consciouness. Our Mind Development Tools & Teachings are acclaimed to be the most powerful ones available on the planet today. A great many of our students started directly experiencing the illuminated states of Being and connecting to The ONE UNIVERSAL MIND.

The countless testimonials on our site have been newly categorized by subject. They are living proof as to the deeply transformative nature of our training & the wide gamut of results that can be achieved across all spectra of life.

We are and remain since 1997 the only Mind Training institute worldwide that teaches students how to master the “Ultimate Mind Frontier” and reach the deep theta and delata brainwave states (your usual sleep mode) while maintaining full waking awareness. Our proven mind technology stabilizes our trainees’ brain wave frequencies around the interface of Delta at 4.5 CPS (deepest Theta level) or deep within the Delta state with full waking awareness.

After achieving these states, we train students in Remote Viewing distant situations in space and time. We also show them how to operate with very powerful intuition in sensing their probable future and then apply Remote Influencing techniques to their or others’ reality to manifest and create a better world—all by using the powers hidden in the very deep levels of the human mind.

Our main goal is to show to as many people as possible how to access easily and effortlessly the Universal Mind. We are working to help each person activate their inner potential and cause a global shift towards a happier collective reality. We help our students develop a crystal clear view of life and their significance on earth.

By teaching them how to deepen their consciousness, we help them set the powerful forces of Law of attraction into action so that they can achieve their goals, inner peace and all their innermost desires.

Join the thousands who are living a happier, more peaceful life that they have full control over. Tap into an infinite stream of life-changing power, awaken your deepest self & become the architect who builds the life of your dreams.