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Recently I had the pleasure to be introduced to Brandzooka.

Who is Brandzooka?

“Brandzooka is the most powerful way to advertise with video online.

We deliver millions of ads for the world’s best brands, and we’re looking forward to delivering millions more.”


I took them up on a free offer. The exact same free offer I am including below.

Basically how it works is you cash in your FREE 50$ coupon. No Catch as no bank details are passed.

You set your campaign up to the max of 50$ .Do the selection criteria and Bob’s your uncle.

For the very first time since working the internet have I found a campaign with results.

The best of all is if you don’t want to run any additional campaigns .No one bothers you or pesters you to sign up.I do however need to mention that by doing follow up campaigns for a very low fee


At first being the all time skeptic I took it with a pinch of salt .

That was until someone contacted me and  said “Have you seen your advert” it’s all over the place!!!

Low and behold when I opened Times Live on my browser ……..a  Few minutes later may video was showing to an audience of potentially thousands in South Africa.

I rushed over to check the statistics on my campaign page, and there it was. My advert had been showed on mainstream media right throughout South Africa. Then the bigger surprise it was being showed on numerous international media platforms.

How is this possible? I still have no idea .Everyone knows that advertising on local media costs a small fortune ,right?

In South Africa advertising on international platforms costs 12 times as much.

Every evening I returned to check out the statistics for the day. This included statistics on where the advert was shown that day. Some of the platforms included







There are many more, and apparently since the last campaign they have included television.

Ok so don’t take my word for it. I have arranged with Brandzooka to have my readers gain free access to a 50$ campaign

Go here:


and set it up using this code in the promotion tab at the coupon area.

Use the exact wording as written below including identical capitalization, and no extra spaces

BrandzookawithBrian for $50

Finally if you get stuck along the way .Use the chat option and connect instantly with the stunning staff of Brandzooka to guide you through.