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The with the new year upon us.A special focus will be done on programs and reviews people most valued last year.We have listened and have adapted  our content accordingly.As the sun sees everything we see everything. These pages are about website and people reviews. On these, pages we cover the latest in online training. We offer links to graphology and handwriting analyses services and our partner school in the USA.

Look out for more interviews with trainers and people of interest.

There is a vast number of subject matter we will be dealing with. Including subjects such as many forms of  Brainwave Entrainment Programs, Remote Viewing , handwriting analyses and powerful mind and body techniques   and subjects of general interest to the author and audience.

Many of the subjects dealt with are not mainstream ,and require a certain amount of thought and reflection to the self.

Some of these include subjects not yet well understood by the larger society. It is the wish of the author that should any person not resonate with the writings on these pages simply to move along.

In a global open, society it is no longer as easy to conceal certain knowledge or to withhold privilege.A special focus will be given on programs that enhance the functioning of the mind and brain such as the unique partnership we have with Brain-time and The Academy of Remote Viewing.A special focus on programs that may assist us in learning valuable skills such as the art of handwriting analyses.Other programs that teach simple everyday techniques such as meditation.

It will be as simple to access as subscribing to this blog for regular updates and links.

Another focus is to supply links to other sites containing valuable information.



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